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Marie Curie ITN 7th Framework Programme


Functional Nitrides for Energy Applications

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The FUNEA vision is to develop an integrated and multidisciplinary research and training programme in the field of inorganic nitrides. In terms of fundamental research, the FUNEA aims to advance the state-of-the-art knowledge and understanding of inorganic nitrides and mixed nitride-anion systems by achieving the ability to synthesize, manipulate, characterize, understand and model binary and ternary nitrides and oxonitrides with functional properties. By this a breakthrough in the nitride chemistry will be achieved steering in a new era for materials with advanced functionality and exceptional levels of performance.

In terms of technological applications, the FUNEA focuses on the energetic applications of nitride-based materials with this addressing the main needs of the 21st century. To meet this vision, eight European academic research groups with complementary expertise in the synthesis, processing and characterization of materials and five industrial partners, each of whom have made a commitment to study these new functional nitrides, have decided to create a network of scientific cooperation with the following goals:

  • Create an interdisciplinary approach to the synthesis, processing and characterization of novel nitrides for energy applications,
  • Train high-quality young researchers, experienced in the interdisciplinary science of the nitrides. These young professionals will lead the field forward and onward to its bright future in the European science and technology. Specifically, FUNEA aims to train 11 ESRs and 2 ERs with an overall target of 40% women researchers, and
  • Establish a European network of scientists in academic institutes and industry in the field of inorganic nitrides, that will continue to grow and enhance European competitiveness over the next years.

Working in new supra-disciplinary and intersectoral field of energetic nitrides the FUNEA ESRs/ERs will be also exposed to interdisciplinary and multicultural environment.